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The School of Arts is a broad horizon for intellectual and cultural advancement, providing our students with a positive and enriched learning experience, encouraging them to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning & interdisciplinary vision
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Department of Sociology
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From its early days the department of sociology has set up certain goals and objectives and has done all its efforts to achieve them. The department considers itself as a leading and effective agent of social change and social development. The subjects, issues and topics which the department teaches are focused upon these goals. They are designed to help students play their leading role in our society in terms of social change and social development. The department has a long and distinguished history in achieving these aims, and today is actively engaged in teaching and in research, particularly that which is relevant to social problems which hindering social change in Jordan (i.e. poverty, unemployment, family violence and corruption). The department of Sociology has grown over the years in terms of students and members of staff. The research portfolio of the staff members is wide ranging across the discipline. Hundreds of students have graduated from the department, many of them are working in leading and key positions in the society.
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