(2501707) problems of teaching Arabic for speakers of other languages
Course Description :

One of the problems that face learners of the Arabic language is the language and culture gap between the Arabic language and the learners native language. Furthermore, there are problems that relate to the teacher . the teacher needs to know the difference between teaching Arabic for the native speakers and for non-native speakers . some problems are related to the objective , age and cultural levels of the learners . the educational administration faces administrative problems such as ; how students should be divided according to age , sex and the objective of learning the language . some problems are related to the Arabic language itself , such as ; dualism and lack of vocalization (inflections) in most writings . thu, this course seeks to deal with these problems in terms of diagnosis , explanation and treatment.
Department :Arabic Language and Literature
Program :Learning Arabic Language For Non ��� Speakers of Arabic
Course Level :Master
Course Outline :

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