(2501710) Arabic Sociolinguistics
Course Description :

This course tackles the relationship of the language with its social context and different types of register , discourse norms in the Arab community to the circumstances of the speaker or addressee, the nature of the discourse i.e whether formal or informal, and Arabic level and distribution according its functions: functions of standard Arabic , middle Arabic and spoken Arabic .The course also handles variations  between the spoken and the written varieties of the standard language according to their different uses . Spoken standard variety depends on the real situation and the presence of the interlocutors …. etc . which grants it a lot of leeway in dependence.
In addition , the course handles the relationship between the Arabic language and the cultural values and its connection with the Holy Quran . It also tackles the phenomenon of linguistic dualism and bilingualism in the Arab community as well as th impact of sex on language ….etc .
Department :Arabic Language and Literature
Program :Learning Arabic Language For Non ��� Speakers of Arabic
Course Level :Master
Course Outline :

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