(2501712) Contrastive Stylistics
Course Description :

Every language has its own unified human cultural repertoire on which language and cultures meet On the other  hand , we fined that every language has its own way of expression . Time , for most nations, is money . Therefore, this expression and its counterpart in the other language are stylistic cultural heritage each language formulates by its own sound and structure . However , "Orquobʼs promises"and "Hunein̛s slippers" are tow stylistic structures that stem from the idiosyncrasy of the Arab heritage, where it becomes useless to know the Arabic words without realizing the sense of the Expression known to the Arab reader .student of the Arabic might be asked to understand this style through searching for equivalent  Expressions in there cultural and linguistic repertoire .
This course seeks to show such stylistic paradox between one language and the other . it also seeks to invest  the similarities between language in facilitating the teaching process and adding enjoyment to it .
Department :Arabic Language and Literature
Program :Learning Arabic Language For Non ��� Speakers of Arabic
Course Level :Master
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