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Department of Arabic Language and Literature
expand Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
2301104 Art of writing and expression
فن الكتابة والتعبير مخطط المادة الدراسية.pdf    
2301211 Morphology Not Uploded
2301213 Arabic Syntax 2 Not Uploded
2301218 Arabic prosody Not Uploded
2301231 pre-Islamic literature
الأدب الجاهلي مخطط المادة الدراسية.pdf    
2301233 Early Islamic and Umayyad prose
النثر في صدر الإسلام والعصر الأموي مخطط المادة الدراسية.pdf    
2301261 Rhetoric Not Uploded
2301303 A classical Arab Man of Letters Not Uploded
2301325 Problems confronting Arabic languageNot Uploded
2301341 Abbassid Poetry Not Uploded
2301343 Andalusian and Maghrebi Poetry Not Uploded
2301345 Fatimid,and Ayybid literature Not Uploded
2301347 Mamlukian Literature (3 Cr.H.)Not Uploded
2301363 The Clarity and Eloquence of the Holy Koran and the Prophet's sayings Not Uploded
2301406 Modern Arabic Literature in Jordan and Palestine
وصف مقرر النقد الأدبي الحديث.pdf    
2301451 Modern and contemporary Arabic poetry Not Uploded
2301463 Modern literary criticism Not Uploded
2301465 Arabic literature in the Islamic World and in Exil Not Uploded
2301467 A book in Grammar Not Uploded
2301468 Literature of Mysticism Not Uploded
2301470 Approaches to teaching Arabic language Not Uploded
2301472 Arabic philology Not Uploded
2302222 The History of the Umayyads (41-132 A.H Not Uploded
expand Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
(2501715)Tests and Drills in teaching Arabic for speaker of other languages (Not Uploded
(2501702) Arabic Functional Grammar Not Uploded
(2501705) teaching Arabic for special purposes Not Uploded
(2501707) problems of teaching Arabic for speakers of other languages Not Uploded
(2501709) Approaches of Analyzing the Arabic Texs (Not Uploded
(2501711)Arabic language Proficiency for Speakers of Other Languages Not Uploded
(2501713) Arabic Lexicon and Semantic fieldsNot Uploded
(2501716) Studies in teaching Arabic for speaker of other languages Not Uploded
(2501718) research design and methods Not Uploded
1301719 Specimens of Modern and contemporary Arabic ProseNot Uploded
2301712 The Methods of Modern Literary Criticism Not Uploded
2301714 Jerusalem in Arabic LiteratureNot Uploded
2301716 Issue of Jahili ( pre – Islamic )poetry Not Uploded
2301718 Arabic lexicon and Idiom Not Uploded
2301721 The Social Arabic Linguistics Not Uploded
2301724 Discourse Analysis Not Uploded
2301726 The Travel in the Arabic Not Uploded
expand Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
2301912 A Study in the Abbassid Poetry Not Uploded
2301914 Modern Arabic PoetryNot Uploded
2301916 Modern Arabic Poetry (3Cr.H.)Not Uploded
2301918 Studies on Andalusia and Maghribi Literature Not Uploded
2301920 Studies on the Literature of Islamic Sects Not Uploded
2301921 Literature Theory
وصف مقرر نظرية الأدب.pdf    
2301924 The Maqamah( agenre of Arabic Rhythmic Prose) in Arabic literature Not Uploded
2301926 Arabian Nights in Arabic and Western Literates Not Uploded
2301928 Arabic Computational Linguistics
المدارس اللسانيّة.pdf    
2301930 Interpretation Theory of the Classical and Modern Arabic LiteratureNot Uploded
2301932 Contemproary Arabic Language IssuesNot Uploded
2301934 Narration in the Arabic the Classical Literature Not Uploded
2301937 LinguisticTexts in English Not Uploded
Studies on Arabic proverbs Not Uploded