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Department's Courses
Department of Social Work
expand Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
2301102 Skills for Generalist Social WorkNot Uploded
2301111 Introduction to Social Work Not Uploded
2701115 Research Methods in Social Work Not Uploded
2701123 Communication Skills in Social Work Practice Not Uploded
2701132 Research Design and Application Not Uploded
2701203 Local Community Organizing Not Uploded
2701214 Social Planning and Social Policy Not Uploded
2701239 Voluntary Social Work Not Uploded
2701315 Human and Social DevelopmentNot Uploded
2701334 Field Training (2) Not Uploded
2701347 Social Work with Youth Not Uploded
2701355 Environmental Social Work Not Uploded
2701359 Disability and Habilitation Not Uploded
2701362 Social Work with Childhood and JuvenilesNot Uploded
2701444 Crises and Disasters Management Not Uploded
2701451 Medical Social Work Not Uploded
2701453 Social Organizations management Not Uploded
2701459 Social Work Practice in Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Not Uploded
2701465 Life Threatening IllnessesNot Uploded