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The Department of Sociology is one of the oldest departments in the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was established in 1962, the year in which the University of Jordan was established. The Arabic language is the medium of teaching in this department. When the department was established, the number of students who joined the department was modest. But this number has increased remarkably in the latest years. The number of the undergraduate students in the department in 2007/2008 is around 600, and the postgraduate number is 47, and the number of staff members is over thirteen , ten of whom are Full Professors and the rest are Associate Professors.
The Department of Geography was established in the academic year 1962-1963. Since then, the department worked towords the provision of the academic staff, mainly from Western Universities Also, the department was involved in developing and upgrading the study plans and research facilities. The department established modern GIS and RS labs, and cartographic unit for both teaching and research. An Intensive research is carried out by staff members and graduate students, especially in areas of: geomorphic research in southern Jordan and humid high lands, population and urban studies, region development and planning, climatic and biogeographic, and economic and tourism research. Parallel to that, an intensive application of GIS an RS is carried out by the staff and graduate students.
The Department of sociology and philosophy was founded with the establishment of the University of Jordan in 1962. The department of philosophy became an independent department in 1976, and has since then been, increasing its staff and developing its study plans. In 1982 the Department started an M.A. program, while the B.A program was revived in 2001/2002 and Ph.D program started 2006/2007. The Department of Philosophy is the first department to offer a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Jordan Universities. Its staff includes professors, deans as well as competent associate and assistant professors. Indeed, some of the department members had become a president of a university in Jordan and others a head of institutions in the country. The Department had also together with the Arab Philosophy Society, organized five philosophy conferences
History History 3
The establishment of the department of history: 1- The department of history was established as a part of the faculty of arts in 1962. 2- The department of Archeology was part of the department of history from 1962-1977. 3- In 1994, after the reconstruction of the faculty of Arts and the rise of the faculty of the Humanities and social sciences, the department of history was part of it. 4- In 2008, the faculty of the humanities and social sciences was abolished, and the faculty of Arts was formed again with the department of history as one of its major departments.
Arabic Language and LiteratureArabic Language and Literature1
The Department traces its beginnings to 1962, the year in which the University of Jordan was established. The first department to be established, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature has also been the first department of the University of Jordan to offer a Ph.D. Program. Its staff includes professors Emeritus, former heads of departments & deans as well as competent associate and assistant professors. Indeed, a good number of its members (four in all) have made it to the top, becoming presidents of the University and others head high-ranking institutions in the country. It also has a few M.A. and Ph.D students studying abroad. All staff members are highly qualified, holding their Ph.D. degrees from Arab, European and American universities, thus achieving a great degree of diversity and integration. The current number of staff is 30 from different ranks. The Department is also endeavoring to update its programs in the fields of linguistics, literature, and rhetoric and to keep abreast with recent developments in the Arab world and abroad. In addition, it has followed a steady policy of recruiting the most distinguished academics and of participating in local, regional, and international conferences. The Department organizes a bi-annual conference on one of the core-issues related to Arabic Linguistics and Literature. It has also, among other groups, organized three exhibitions for the Arabic Papyri. The first at Jordan University, the second at Yarmouk University, and the third at King Faisal center for Research and Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia
The study of psychology, began at Jordan University in the late 1962 forming one of the earliest degrees offered by the University. The department was the outcome of a group of Jordanian and Arabic faculty members such as Dr Fakhri Akkel and Dr Umar Jebreen. The department started as part of the school of Literature, then moved to the school of education in the year 1980, then again part of the School of Literature. In the year 1997 the department became part of school of Humanities and Social Sciences and until current time. The department is the biggest in Jordan, and has more than 400 students at the undergraduate level, and more than 25 students at the graduate level. The department offers BA degrees in general psychology and Master degrees in psychology with two tracks; clinical psychology track and organizational/social psychology track The department has psychotherapy clinic that offer psychological consultation for students forming a training place for the graduate students. The department has an experimental psychology lab, video library, and psychometric library. Our department has an ambitious development plan to rise up the public awareness of psychological services in a professional way
Social Work Social Work 7
During the last three decades Jordan has witnessed a profound social, economic, and demographic changes. As a result of these changes some social problems have emerged, such as. Family deterioration (violence, increasing divorce), increasing rate of poverty, and rate of disadvantaged people ……etc . Within this context, university of Jordan Felt the importance of establishing an academic social work program in order to provide the society with professional social workers. In 1998 university of Jordan established asocial work program offering an Master degree in social work. In 2008 university of Jordan offered a bachelor degree in Social Work.