School of Arts
The School of Arts is a broad horizon for intellectual and cultural advancement, providing our students with a positive and enriched learning experience, encouraging them to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning & interdisciplinary vision
Our Vision

We understand that in order to sustain the School aspirations in developing the quality of education, a vivid and dynamic leadership is needed to be able to adapt to the ever changing challenges, and is committed to a continuous revision of the Schools plans, methods and strategies

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Our Mission
Our mission stems from the feeling of responsibility toward the School's long history of achievements, aiming at keeping that tradition of providing our students with the best possible education, presenting them with broad understanding of different cultures, literatures, societies and ways of knowing. Through developing our technical infrastructure, we provide our faculty with the best possible setting to elevate the quality of teaching, in order to be able to build comprehensive educational environment.
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Our Goals
1. Enhancing the University of Jordan's role in cultural, literary and educational occasions.
2. Having contact with the local society as well as having a role in overcoming any problems that encounter some vocational sectors.
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