School of Arts
The School of Arts is a broad horizon for intellectual and cultural advancement, providing our students with a positive and enriched learning experience, encouraging them to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning & interdisciplinary vision
Professor Mohammad Asfour
Dean Period:(1993 -1994 ) (1998 – 2000).
Academic Rank 1.Professor Year Rank Obtained Specialization Research interests Bachelor BA in English, Baghdad University, 1964 Master MA in English Literature, Indiana University, 1970 PhD Ph.D. in English Literature, Indiana University, 1973 Home Page Brief Bio Publications · “Motivation in The Cenci,” Dirasat (May 1975), pp. 19-35. · “Islam in Southey’s Epics,” Dirasat (December 1978), pp. 7-37. · “Some Aspects of the Influence of English Poetry on Arabic Poetry,” Dirasat (May 1979), pp. 37-47. · Notes on Rasselas (London: Longman York Press, 1981). · “Cultural Barriers in Teaching English Literature to Arab Students,” Papers from the First Conference on the Problems of Teaching English Language and Literature at Arab Universities, ed. M. H. Ibrahim and Eid Dahiyat (Amman: University of Jordan, 1983), pp. 78-92. · “’The Letter Killeth’: A Study of The Merchant of Venice,” Dirasat, XII.8 (1985), 7-18. · “Acting in Hamlet,” Dirasat XII.8 (1985), 13-30. · “The Politics of Love,” Dirasat XIII.1 (1985), 7-18. · “Literary Prophecy,” Abhath al-Yarmouk IV.1 (1986), 7-18. · “Thomas Moore and the Pitfalls of Orientalism,” International Journal of Islamic and Arabic Studies X.1 (1987), 75-92. · The Fourth International Conference on the History of Bilad al-Sham During the Byzantine Period, vol. II, ed. With Adnan al-Bakhit (Amman: , 1986). · Arabic in Three Months (London: Hugo Language Books, 1990). · Reading On: An Anthology for Students of Literature (London: Prentice-Hall, 1990). · “Jabra’s English Poetry,” Dirasat (Special Issue, August 1999), pp. 19-33. · Communication Skills (with others), 2 vols. (Amman: University of Jordan, 1999). · “The Translation of Poetry: An Example from Nazik al-Mala’ika,” From Silence to Sound, ed. Mohammad Shaheen, (Beirut: Dar al-Gharb al-Islami, 2000), pp. 458-508. · “Ibn Battuta,” The Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia. 3 vols. (London: Dearborn Publishers, 2003), pp. 577-578. · “Deconstructive Reading,” IJAEAS 3: 1& 2 (December 2002), pp.45-53. · “Problems in Modern English-Arabic Lexicography,” Journal of Arabic Linguistics 42 (2003):41-52. · “The Translation of Names,” Turjuman ( Turjuman, forthcoming). · “The Influence of Translation on Arabic, University of Sharjah Journal for Shari’a Sciences and Humanities, vol. 4, No. 2 (June 2007), 195-216.