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Professor Saleh Alsalman
Dean Period:(2000 – 2002).
Academic Rank 1.Professor Year Rank Obtained 2000 Specialization Theoretical (Historical) Linguistics Research interests Linguistic Theory and its Practical Applications: Translation, Syntax, Phonetics Bachelor University of Jordan, Jordan, 1969 Master State University of NY at Fredonia, USA, 1977 PhD State University of NY at Buffalo, USA, 1981 Home Page Brief Bio Having graduated with a Ph.D. in Theoretical/Historical Linguistic from State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA in 1981, Professor Al-Salman joined the Department of English Language and Literature at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, where he served as an Assistant and Associate Professor for ten years. In 1991, he transferred to the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, where he has been teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses since then. Professor Al-Salman held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Jordan (September 2000-September 2002). He was appointed Chairman of the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Jordan (September 1997- August 2000). Having been given a four-year leave & sabbatical from UJ, Professor Al-Salman joined the Department of English at the University of Qatar for one academic year (September 2002- August 2003). He then moved to the United Arab Emirates to be among the founding administrative/academic team of Abu Dhabi University (September 2003-August 2006). During this period, Professor Al-Salman was appointed Deputy Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Abu Dhabi University (September 2003-August 2004), Chair of the Translation Program (September 2004-August 2005), and Chair of the English Department (September 2005-August 2006). Having been given a three-year sabbatical & leave from Yarmouk University, Professor Al-Salman joined the Department of Foreign Languages at the Taif Branch of Umm Al-Qura University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1987-1990). Professor Al-Salman is a recipient of two distinguished research grants/awards: The Fulbright Research Fellowship at Michigan State University, USA (June- August 1996), and a DAAD summer fellowship (The German Academic Fellowships Program), University of Passau (June-August 2002). Professor Al-Salman has been involved in a number of consecutive/simultaneous interpreting workshops, seminars and international conferences. He is also well versed in matters of academic accreditation and licensure of higher education programs and institutions. Publications A. Single Author I. Books 1. Jordanian Arabic between Diglossia and Bilingualism: Linguistic Analysis. Pragmatics and Beyond Series. Vol. 8. Amsterdam: John Benjamin Publishing Company, 1985. II. Refereed Journals 2. "A Relationally-based Study of Subject-Object Properties in Standard Arabic." Arab Journal of Language Studies. Vol. 4, No.2, 1986, pp. 133-150. 3. "On the Pragmatics of Subject-Object Preposing in Standard Arabic." 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