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Professor Ahmad Majdoubeh
Dean Period:(2006 – 2008).
Academic Rank 1.Professor Year Rank Obtained 2002 Specialization American Literature & Romanticism Research interests Romanticism, Postmodernism, Literary Theory & Orientalism Bachelor University of Jordan, Jordan, 1977 Master Cornell University, NY, USA, 1983 PhD Cornell University, NY, USA, 1984 Home Page Brief Bio Upon graduation with a Ph.D. in American Literature and Romanticism from Cornell University in the USA in 1984, Professor Majdoubeh taught in the Department of English at Yarmouk University for ten years. In 1994, he transferred to the University of Jordan, where he has been teaching in the Department of English since then. He is now Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages (September 2008- Present). He was Dean of the Faculty of Arts (September 2006- September 2008). He was Director of the Language Center (October 1998 - September 2006), with the mandate to oversee the establishment and implementation of the English and Arabic communication skills courses, as well as the Arabic for Speakers of Other languages Program. He was chairman of the Department of Modern Languages from Fall 1998 to Fall 2002. In the Fall of 2001, he was appointed Director of the then newly-created Office of International Relations and Programs (till September 2008), whose main aim was to manage UJ’s relations with international institutions in close coordination with the President’s office. In November 2004, he was appointed Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for International Cooperation till January 2008. In November 2007, a Royal Decree was issued appointing him as a member in the Royal Commission for developing education. In 2007 he was also chosen by the European Commission as a Bologna Process expert. As an instructor, Professor Majdoubeh teaches a wide variety of courses from introductions to literature to advanced courses for MA and Ph.D. students, focusing on American literature, Romanticism, Postmodernism, Literary Theory, and Translation. His research focuses on Transcendentalism, Romanticism, Orientalism, and Postmodernism, among others. He produced and presented a talk show for JTV for two years 1996-1998. He is a newspaper columnist (the English daily Jordan Times and the Arabic daily Al-Rai). He is a recipient of several research and study grants, including a Newberry Library Fellowship in Chicago, a National Endowment for the Humanities on race and ethnicity at Johns Hopkins, a Summer Fulbright Institute on Postmodernism at U. of Louisville and Berkeley, A DAAD summer Fellowship in Munich, a Japan Foundation Summer Fellowship at Waseda University in Tokyo, a Korea Foundation Fellowship at Yonsei University in Seoul, and other short-term fellowships at Cornell, UCLA, and Harvard. He is called upon frequently to be a seminar and/or DVC moderator, Director and leader in functions at the national, regional, and international levels. In January 2008, he published a collection of short stories in Arabic titled Mawaqif. Publications PUBLICATIONS/ RESEARCH: --Dissertation: “Puritanic Idealism: The Body Controversy in the American Renaissance.” Department of English, Cornell University, 1984. (Unpublished) Research Articles: -- “ ‘A fig tree, looking on a fig tree, becometh fruitful’: Emerson and the Arabic-Islamic ‘Example.’ Dirasat, vol 16 (1989), no. 11. -- “Wordsworth’s Concept of the ‘Common’ hero Re-examined,” a joint paper with Dr. Mohammad Awwad. Damascus University Journal. Vol. 6 ( 1990), no. 23. -- “Emerson Versus Wordsworth: Some Levels of Difference,” The Arab Journal for the Humanities (Kuwait). Accepted for Publication on May 26, 1990 (have not received the copy of the published version due to war in that year). -- “Teaching Foreign Literature in the Arab World : The Moral Dimension.” King Saud University Journal. Vol. 4 (1992), no. 2. -- “ ‘Trusting to Providence’: Huckleberry Finn’s Spiritual Awakening.” Published in Dirasat, Vol. 21A, no. 3, 1994. -- “ ‘Look up to Heaven, and resist the wicked one’: Goodman Brown, a Possible Puritan Hero.” Accepted for publication September 18, 1993 (have not received the published version).. -- “Poe’s Negative Romanticism in ‘The Raven’: Levels of Extremity and Difference.” Published in Damascus University Journal, Vol. 13, no. 4, 1997. --“Post-Modernist Poetry: some of its Challenging Salient Features,” Arab Journal for the Humanities, Kuwait, vol. 76, n. 71, 2000. -- “Structure and Characterization in Grapes of Wrath,” published in Tishrin University Journal, Vol. 21,no. 8, 1999. -- “Tayseer al-Sboul in a Postmodernist Context,” published in Journal of Arabic Literature, Indiana University, USA, Vol. 33, no. 1, 2001. -- “Anonymity in Ellison’s Invisible Man,” published in the Journal of Arts and Science, Sakarya University, Turkey, Vol. 2, 2000. -- “Gibran’s Transcendentalism in a Transcendentalist Context,” published in Arabica, Vol. XLIX, no. 3, France 2002. Books: --Four Tales from the American Renaissance. Amman: Jordan Book Center Co., 1990. A translation into Arabic of four tales by Irving, Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville. --Poems by Wallace Stevens. Amman: Jordan Book Center Co., 1990. A translation into Arabic of 51 poems by the American poet Wallace Stevens. -- The Anthology of American Literature in Arabic. Editor & Translator with three other colleagues. Amman: Jordan Book Center, 1995. -- Literary Appreciation. A textbook for Al-Quds Open University, 1996. --The Role of the Citizenry in Four Western Democracies. A translation into Arabic. Published by Dar Al-Basheer, 1996. --Communication Skills in English I & II, with four other colleagues, used as a textbook for two freshmen courses. University of Jordan Press, 1999. --Communication Skills in Arabic I & II, with four other colleagues, used as a textbook for two freshmen courses. University of Jordan Press, 1999. -- Mawaqif (a collection of short stories in Arabic), January 2009.