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Department of Geography
expand Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
(2304234) Water Resources
water resources - english 2022-2023.pdf    
(2304301) Geography of Entrepreneurship Not Uploded
(2304355) Transportation Geography Not Uploded
(2304482) Geography Of Jordan Not Uploded
(2304101) Introduction To GeographyNot Uploded
(2304121) Population GeographyNot Uploded
(2304200) Quantitative Geography Not Uploded
(2304211) Principles Of CartographyNot Uploded
(2304242) Biogeography And SoilsNot Uploded
(2304251) Economic Geography Not Uploded
(2304262)Evolution of Geogaraphical Thoughts Not Uploded
(2304273) Rural Geography Not Uploded
(2304310) Land Uses Not Uploded
(2304342) Geomorphology Not Uploded
(2304354) Industrial And Power Geography Not Uploded
(2304390) Environmental HazardNot Uploded
(2304474) Regional And Urban Planning Not Uploded
(2304484) Models In Regional Geography Not Uploded
(2340100) Geography of Jordan Not Uploded
expand Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
2304713 Cartographic Techniques Not Uploded
2304721 Climatology Not Uploded
2304747 Regional Application Planning Not Uploded
2304753 Geographic Information Systems Not Uploded
2304766 Human Resources Development Not Uploded
2304774 Applied Economic Geography Not Uploded
expand Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
2304911 Physical Geography Not Uploded
2304925 Spatial Analysis Not Uploded
2304935 Applications in Remote Sensing Not Uploded
2304949 Contemporary Political and Economic Problems Not Uploded
2304955 Population and Development Not Uploded
2304960 Integrated Rural Development Not Uploded
2304968 Synoptic Climatology Not Uploded