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The School of Arts is a broad horizon for intellectual and cultural advancement, providing our students with a positive and enriched learning experience, encouraging them to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning & interdisciplinary vision
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Department of Philosophy
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The philosophy Department consists currently of five permanent staff and hopes to increase staff in the coming future. The Department has been committed from the start to fostering a wide varity of philosophical approaches, and to developing links between philosophy and other disciplens. We offer a wide range of courses for undergraduates , post-graduates and doctoral research stududents. A wide varity of philosophical viewpoints are represented in the department. Here are just some of those interests: - Islamic philosophy, Modern and Contemporary Arab thought , Critical theory, Philosophical Hermeneutics. - Classical philosophical questions about existence, knowledge and language. - Issues in moral and political philosophy. The varity of our modules and courses reflects this diversity. Some modules are traditional in conception, and aim to provide a basic understanding of philosophical problems as they are usually taught and discussed. Others are innovatory: they aim to break new ground , offering a fresh approach, and bring new problems under philosophical scrutiny.
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