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School's Strategy

School's Strategy

Our Vision

A pioneering faculty in the field of Arabic language and the fields of human and social sciences to serve the community in order to keep pace with modern developments.

Our Mission

Developing and improving the quality of educational inputs and devoting intellectual, educational and research capabilities to spread and activate the role of the Arabic language, and human and social sciences in human communication in a way that serves society and achieves comprehensive and sustainable development.

Our Goals

1. Enhancing the University of Jordan's role in cultural, literary and educational occasions.
2. Having contact with the local society as well as having a role in overcoming any problems that encounter some vocational sectors.
3. Hosting elite thinkers for the purpose of presenting their knowledge and experiences to the faculty members and students, in addition to convening interactive talks with them.
4. Establishing international relations between Jordan and other countries of the world through cultural programs, cultural seminars and cultural exchange in cooperation with other countries' embassies in Jordan. 
5. Enhancing the conscious media discourse which befits the position of the University of Jordan and embodies its mission.
6. Establishing extracurricular activities which contribute to building the students' personalities.
7. Expanding graduate studies programs and establishing new B.A. programs in response to the local and international market needs.
8. Applying quality criteria on academic programs through a methodology that guarantees excellence in the higher education sector.
9. Adapting teaching syllabuses in response to knowledge advancement that the world witnesses nowadays.
10. Updating the faculty laboratories through supplementing the recent equipment and programs. 
11. Encouraging faculty members to take part in local, regional, and international conferences and academic seminars.
12.  Supporting youth initiatives and voluntary work which establish a belief in national consciousness and loyalty to the Hashemite leadership.
13. Implanting an interest in academic research aiming at the establishment of a pioneering research faculty in teaching and learning.