Eng. Ibrahim Farhan participated in a workshop entitled "Seminar about the Transfer of German-Arabic Knowledge on the Relationship between Water, Energy and Food”

Under the auspices of the DAD Foundation for German Academic Exchange, the workshop entitled "Seminar about the Transfer of German-Arab Knowledge on the Relationship between Water, Energy and Food" was held during the period 26-11-2017 to 9-12-2017 at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
The project aims to improve the scientific aspect between the German and Arab universities and enhancing the future improvements in the participating countries/ institutions.
Projects and researches were discussed to show the relationship between water, energy, food and the direction towards sustainability in the future periods. And in order to preserve the remaining resources and natural resources, some possible solutions were presented in order to avoid problems that may occur in the coming years. Also, the seminar was focus on renewable resources and ways of activating them in cooperation with all government and private sectors and with non-profit organizations with the involvement of the local community.
Engineer Ibrahim Farhan from Department of Geography/Faculty of Arts participated in a scientific paper (Integrated Management of Water Resources in Jordan: Environmental pollution resulting from agricultural areas; case study-Jordan/ problems, solutions and future vision using local technology).

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