11/17/2011 1:00 PM
Baha’a Mohamed AL-Qudah

        The Faculty of Arts  has witnessed a great progress that makes it amongst the most  important faculties at the University of Jordan, it has a key role in providing the community with highly qualified students. Those who stand on the threshold of the Faculty of Arts find that it already has a great importance in our beloved university because it was the first faculty at the university as we celebrate UJ’s Golden Jubilee.
Also, The Faculty held a number of distinct activities which showed the loyalty of its students and deanship towards their country due to their good citizenship and their responsibility towards Jordan. the most prominent activities at the faculty are a series of seminars and meetings organized by the Deanship of the faculty with a number of famous men who have a significant impact and key role in building a modern Jordan, the annual scientific day in where I and a number of outstanding students have been honored in addition to a series of extracurricular activities such as the Great Arab Revolution exhibition and other national ones that supported by Great Arab Revolt members Club. 
I hope further progress for this faculty that I am proud to represent it at  students’ union  which also distinguished by its activities and hard working.
I ask God Almighty to preserve our beloved Jordan under the banner of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Hussein, may God protect him.

School of Arts

The School of Arts is a broad horizon for intellectual and cultural advancement, providing our students with a positive and enriched learning experience, encouraging them to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning & interdisciplinary vision

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