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Department Strategy


We are one of the oldest and leading department for research and teaching in Jordan and the Arab world. The department brings together an excellent group of staff involved in cutting edge research, energetic and innovative teaching. The reputation of the Discipline of History at the University of Jordan has been built since 1962 by famous historians: A.A. Al-Douri, A.K.Gharibah, and others, our current academic staff, among others continue to build on this foundation, and have gained national, regional and international recognition for their research and writing in Ancient, Islamic, economic history, contemporary Arab and world history, Asian, Europian, and USA/Latin America. Postgraduate history students join this tradition with our staff members in active and stimulate experience, that experience, is strong, not only by the diverse and rich array of courses we offer, but by staff members who believe this practice is in line with the UJ's mission. The HD offers B.A, M.A. and PhD. Degrees in History, with these degrees, history students gain a broad, social, political, and cultural understanding, as well as skills in research, analysis, criticism and writing history. Thus history provides an excellent foundation for interesting careers in public service, teaching, journalism, and diplomatic etc, in Jordan and Arab countries. We need to study history in order to preserve our identity, to understand our societies and challenges of our contemporary world. Thus we can plan for the future.


with the start of the year 2010, the department of history has surpassed the traditional education which was concerned with giving diplomas, and in aiming at education students capable of developing the historical methodology, enriching the human heritage, and preparing its graduates to serve in academia.

The scholarships awarded to student by the university certainly facilitated and created a chance for success.

The current mission requires the use of many instruments to re-evaluate the study of history and to employ modern technology and oral history to be able to understand the past, connect with the present and predict the future objectively.


1. Developing students' knowledge of the details of history according to the skills and information gained by faculty members.
2. Working on the application of practical principles in scientific research and converting them to programs that will benefit the community and related institutions.
3. Working on the views and discussions with the students of the department through the meeting between the faculty and students.
4. Work to increase cooperation between students and develop teamwork.
5. Rehabilitation and training of specialists in history to work in various international fields.
6. Develop the personality of students through the process of dialogue and opinion.
7. To motivate students to participate actively through the local and international references.