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Department Strategy


The Department of geography is seeking to be recognized as a center of excellence in teaching in systematic geography, applied research in certain aspects such as: Climate change, desertification, geomorphology, and urban and population issues in the local environment.


The geography department is competing with other geography departments in the fields of; modernization of academic curriculum, teaching and learning strategies for innovation and building innovative citizens. The geog. dept is working to graduate students that can compete successfully with graduates of other universities in employment in different fields other than the ministry of education, and enabling other students for graduate studies. It plans also, to extend its services to the job market and other government depts..vv


- To provide students with scientific knowledge base technical skills, and methods that enable them to successfully pursue employment and lead toward life-long learning or further their education at the graduate level.
- To develop students' critical-thinking, self learning and problem-solving abilities.

- To identify human and environmental issues on global, regional, and local scales and evaluating the impacts of human activities on natural environments.