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  School of Arts - Department of Sociology

Department Strategy


Continuous development and review for academic programs (Bachelor, Masters, PHD (In line with the scientific and practical needs of society and The developments in the Arab and international arena, Providing students and graduates with knowledge and research skills, as well as theoretical and applied frameworks for fields of knowledge in the field of specialization that contribute to It deepens the understanding of reality, its interpretation and prediction of the future, Networking and cooperation between the department and the national institutions to link scientific research to public and social policies.


An outstanding academic department keeping abreast of developments in the fields of knowledge at national regional and international level


1. Introducing developed academic programs that meet the scientific and practical needs of the specialization and the community, in line with local, Arab and international academic standards.
2. The contribution of faculty members to the scientific and research enrichment of local, Arab and international issues and developments.
3. Preparing students and graduates who are qualified scientifically, research and practically to achieve conscious understanding and interpretation of social phenomena, social problems, social change and developments at the national and international levels.
4. Providing national institutions with qualified social researchers who are able to achieve the goals of knowledge and research institutions.
5. Directing graduate students (Masters, PhD) to study issues, phenomena and social problems related to the cultural, economic, political and developmental reality of Jordanian society and Arab society.
6. Directing and employing student energies for innovation and leadership in community service.