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Department Strategy


The Department of Psychology at the University of Jordan’s Faculty of Arts seeks to provide an exceptional scholarly and intellectual environment to serve its students, the region, and the professional community of psychology. The department is recognized nationally for excellence of its undergraduate and graduate programs. We will maintain and strengthen our national reputation as we promote new directions, partnerships, and programs that will enhance the professional and academic skills of our students and faculty. Faculty and students in our department are dedicated to serve to our profession and to the public at the local, national, and international levels.


The Department of Psychology is committed to furthering the understanding of human cognition, behavior, and emotion. It seeks to accomplish its mission in three interrelated ways. The first is by conducting research that is nationally and internationally recognized for its contributions to the field. The second is by offering excellent undergraduate and graduate programs that produce students who are knowledgeable about psychology, who are capable of conducting psychological research, and, in the case of selected graduate programs, who are equipped with the expertise to provide psychological services to their clients. The third is by establishing an outstanding record of professional service not only to the University, but also to the local and national community.